Post-New Works Festival

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

C to the O to the L to the B to the Y!

Yes, Ellie and I are still recovering from the thrill of performing at the NWF. I can’t stress enough how incredible the whole experience was–from watching the Float video for the first time (with feelings of uncertainty and excitement) to performing the finished dance in front of a large and receptive audience. Ellie mentioned in the last post that I seemed cool and collected as we waited backstage before the performance, but the truth is that I had all kinds of nerves and butterflies running rampant through my body. But hey, being nervous kept us focused and resulted in a great show! I was able to see a clip of our performance on Monday and it was fun to view it from the audience’s perspective. I’m sure Julian will be proud whenever we get our hands on the entire video and send it to him!

Our project for the rest of the semester is to come up with a choreographed dance of our own, using contact improvisation as the main inspiration for movement. We began rehearsal on Monday by putting my iPod on shuffle and practicing a little bit of contact improv, exploring what we remembered from the jam in Portland and how the movement potentially fit with the various music genres that popped up. I suppose the music subconsciously drove my “style” of contact improv, or at least manipulated the intensity of the effort I put in. If this is the case, perhaps it would be a good idea to create a mash-up for the soundtrack of this dance, in order to integrate those natural physical and temporal changes.

After a while, Ellie and I began picking out short segments of our contact improvisation that we thought might work well in a choreographed performance. Even with the few pieces of movement we have, the dance already seems at least as physically demanding as Float in terms of lifting and balancing each other. I think that by continuing this process of picking and choosing sections of improv, we’ll have a whole bunch of material that we can string together, cut, edit, and finalize in a relatively short time. Having Annie’s expert opinion on our choreographic choices will aid the process and transform our segments into actual phrases (and ultimately an actual dance).

It’s the beginning of another learning process, although this one is very different than the one we used for Float. Regardless, these last couple of weeks will be filled to the brim with an exploration of contact, choreographic decision-making, and practice, practice, practice!




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