The New Works Festival

Posted: April 17, 2011 in Uncategorized


Thank you to all of those who showed up to see us perform on Saturday afternoon! Logan and I were totally pumped for the show. Adrenaline was pounding, nerves and excitement weaving their way through my body. I love that feeling! Performing is such a rush- there’s nothing else like it.  Waiting for the show to start, Logan was so chill and calm, while I was wound up like a top.  I couldn’t stop moving, stretching, and preparing in every way possible. Thanks for putting up with my craziness Logan! Float was the second piece in the program, following Waters by Annie- performed by her company.

I think Logan and I did a great job. It was one of our best run throughs.  The audience responded really well to it.  It was extremely invigorating and we really thrust all of the emotion, intention, and energy we had into it.  I think Julian would have been really happy with it.  One of his past dancers who is now in Annie’s company came up to me and told me that she thought we did a great job and that Julian would have been proud. I hope so! We can’t wait to email him the video of our performance.  So much rehearsal for 10 minutes on stage.  Well, it was worth it.  The process was so much fun, and I feel like we really touched people.  Many people after the performance said how moved they were from the piece, and another student told me that she almost started to cry.  Having that much power over someone’s emotions is a pretty crazy and thrilling prospect.

I am really pleased with our performance- we were really connected throughout the piece- which gave it a much more real vibe. The unique aspect of a duet is finding that place that you both connect- you are dancing for both of you. Every movement has to be linked- dependent in some way.  There is no room for a lack of trust- no room for reservations.  You have to just go for every move with the expectation that your partner will be there to support you.  I can’t wait to start choreographing our own piece!

Great job and congrats to everyone else who was in the New Works Festival! YOU DID AMAZING!

I have nice Sunday night Colby!



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