Pre-Dress Rehearsal…Rehearsal

Posted: April 13, 2011 in Uncategorized


How’s it goin? The time until the New Works Festival is quickly dwindling and each day brings more and more excitement to my stomach! Ellie and I met on Monday in our regular rehearsal, and even though we didn’t end up Skyping with Julian, we went to town on Float. We began in the studio, where we shared the space with a small group from the Collaborative Company (which I am also in–it’s directed by Annie). Everyone seems to be scrambling in preparation for the NWF! Despite the slightly restricted space, Ellie and I were still able to focus on and refine our technique. It was actually interesting to see our adaptation to the confined space and how it affected the piece (we tried to stay true to the movement and original intention anyway, but some of the phrases that we planned to extend across the floor had to be shortened).

After a couple of run-throughs, we decided to move down to the performance space where the piece will take place this weekend (WHAT?…so soon!!). Katie Ouimette happened to be on stage practicing her “Falling” piece, which, although spectacular to watch, again hindered our search for rehearsal space. We moved out to the lobby, cleared the chairs and couches, and practiced the piece a few times. We stopped to consult the video a number of times for last-minute technical details, such as small turns that we were unsure of. For the most part, I am feeling that I “own” most of the movement I am performing–it is full of intention and knowledge of what I am trying to convey. I think I’ll have made the entire piece my own by the time this weekend rolls around. We’ll certainly find out come performance time!

Going back to the stage, Ellie and I ran through Float, using cues from the side lights’ and floor tape positions to direct us. The thing I need to focus on most at this point in time is travelling across the stage. It’s a much larger space than we’re used to practicing in and we need to take advantage of the entire area for visual purposes–so our movements aren’t grounded in the center of the stage. Overall, I definitely think that aside from some other small adjustments, we are performance-ready! As a matter of fact, I was so into the singing at the end of one of our run-throughs that when Ellie covered my mouth as part of the choreography, I flinched backward and hit her head! Sorry, Ellie! I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen during the real thing 🙂

I hope to see everyone at the performance this weekend!!


  1. loganellie says:

    It’s okay Logan, I forgive you. Getting really into the piece is what is so exciting- like when I didn’t realize I was actually suffocating you and you tried to throw me off your back- it was pretty exciting. And yes, Katie was AMAZING! I want to be an aerial dancer now. It is really interesting to see the differences between different types of dance. Float versus Falling are so different. They both have such intensity, but they go about achieving that emotional intensity in a very different way. It continues to appall me how the body can be used and manipulated. I am starting to appreciate the grittiness of dance more than I used to. I used to just like the beauty of it- like ballet and fun loving jazz dancing. But now I have come to appreciate more organic and improvisational dancing even more. Make it raw and make it real!

  2. Is this a new title for something, Ellie?

    “Make it raw and make it real”

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