Tech Rehearsal!!!

Posted: April 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hey Colby!

On Thursday Logan and I had our tech rehearsal which was really exciting.  The piece is finally coming together as a WHOLE which is both nerve-racking and awesome.  Before we began, we met the lighting designer Xi, who is really great and basically designed our entire lights sequence.  Annie oversaw the entire process and helped mediate between the dance and the lighting.  Annie also worked with us on certain technical aspects of the dance that interact with stage position- such as movement and being out of the center of the stage.  She taught us that the edges of the stage contain the most power, and that the dancer gets smaller and more predictable as they move center stage, which is why we should always try to move through center stage instead of dancing in it.

We went through the entire dance on the stage slowly so that Xi could program each light cue, and then we ran through it with the lights.  When the lights went black and Logan and I were setting up I finally got that nervous, excited, adrenaline high feeling of performing.  It’s been a while since I’ve been on a stage so it felt amazing! I can’t wait for the exhilaration  of actually performing it in front of an audience.  We have a long week ahead of us of dress rehearsals, but I think Float is going to turn out amazing.

Annie and I are still working on a few adjustments to my little solo bits at the beginning and the middle of the piece and Logan and I are still getting used to the edited music- but those last minute blips and adjustments are what keep you on your toes!

We’re getting pumped! Can’t wait to see you guys there on the 16th! It’s going to rock!


  1. loganellie says:


    I absolutely agree–running through Float with the music over the speaker system and the lights cued to our movements was one of the most exciting experiences I’ve had in a while, despite the absence of an audience! This weekend I had two a cappella performances at other colleges and those didn’t even match up to the thrill of the complete blackness right before our dance. You mentioned nerves and being on your toes, and I think these will only help us during the real thing. Without SOME butterflies we may lose some of the raw emotion that plays such a huge part in this piece.

    Annie’s suggestions were great. I hadn’t even thought of how extending our movements to the outer edges of the stage could affect the overall perception of the dance, considering that most of the performances I’ve been in (e.g. a cappella) rely on central-stage movement, if any. Xi’s lighting choices definitely complement our movements and I think the combination of the two will result in a captivating experience for everyone watching.

    With all the rehearsals coming up this week, I have complete confidence that Float is going to blow people away when opening day arrives! It’s gonna be massive!


  2. You guys are doing great work! You seem to be finding more and more ways to deepen and engage in the process on your own. I think you’re right that people will respond well to it, but that will be because of your committed performances in addition to the content of the work. it will be important to see what those “butterflies” do… Will they keep you more present in performance or will you rely on one another to help calm the nerves to stay present… or both?

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