9th Rehearsal!

Posted: March 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Heyo Colby!

Spring break and is just around the corner and Logan and I left off our Float rehearsals on a great note today!  We began rehearsal by warming up with stretches and across the floor exercises.  Then we ran through the piece a BUNCH of times. I can definitely feel the muscle memory component sinking in, which is really helpful because it makes it a lot easier to focus on technique and stylistic elements such as weight when I’m not racking my brain for what comes next.  Logan and I are finally starting to sync our movements with the music and incorporate this idea of “floating” in our movements.  Each action requires effort and intention.  I feel as though we are just now finding out what these intentions truly are and how are movements can mirror those intentions.

We had a visitor today, so Logan and I preformed the piece for another student and Annie.  This more formal run through went quite well.  I found that effort as well as acting were incredibly important in the dance in order make it a coherent whole with a message worth portraying to an audience. Now that the piece is flowing more freely, I can let my emotions and acting impact my movements, how I carry my body, and my manipulation of weight.

After our mini performance, Annie had us run through the piece in slow motion as though we were in water.  She explained to us that this would help us gain awareness and learn how to control our bodies more efficiently by experiencing more obvious shifts of weight. It was more difficult than expected but I found that the next time we ran through the piece I was softer on my feet and used my muscles and joints more to absorb and manipulate my weight.  This also helped to accentuate movements.

Finally at the end of practice, Logan and I did some final stretching and loosening up. Ready for some relaxing!

Have a great break!



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