Eighth Rehearsal

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Goooooooood evening, Colby!

Today was the first rehearsal Ellie and I had in a week, due to her participation in a dance conference in Keene, New Hampshire. We began rehearsal with a lengthy loosening-up session, starting with a body rolling exercise. This is basically when one person acts as a human  steam-roller and rolls across the other person, who is lying on their stomach. It’s a fast way to stretch muscles via pressure and controlled movement. The second warm-up exercise involved one person manipulating the limbs of the other. This is done by having one person lie on his/her back while the partner moves and shakes that person’s legs, arms, and head. It forces the person on the ground to relax and give up all control to the manipulator.

After the warm-up, Ellie and I ran through Float a few times, stopping whenever we ran into a timing or memory issue (which was more frequently than I would have liked, haha). We were able to get back into the groove of the piece surprisingly quickly, which helped us when we finally reached the last few phrases and movements. We were both a little sore going into rehearsal, so after practicing the dance a number of times, Ellie and I set aside some time for massaging and even more stretching.

We devoted the last chunk of rehearsal to running through the entirety of Float multiple times, only stopping when absolutely necessary. I feel like I (and Ellie as well) am reaching the point where the dance is almost fully in my muscle memory, allowing me to really focus on meaning. There came a point after one run-through when Ellie and I looked at each other in surprise at how far we’ve come and how much better the piece looks since we’re focusing on the effort behind the movements more. Every time we practice Float, I can feel myself getting more and more out of breath by the end–not due to simply rehearsing it over and over, but because of my growing concentration on technique and the effort I put into the intention behind it.

Although we still have a while before the New Works Festival, I am seriously impressed at the speed of our progress and I can’t wait to show Julian what we’ve accomplished when we Skype with him on Thursday! Feelin’ good!

Talk to you soon,


  1. loganellie says:

    Great post Logan! I totally agree. I feel the muscle memory kicking in finally. The piece is starting to flow more smoothly which allows us to put in more effort. After going to the ACDF conference in Keene New Hampshire and taking workshops with renowned choreographers I realize how important effort and intention is in movement. I think Julian will be very happy with our improvement and the new initiative we are taking with the piece. I feel like we are finally interpreting Float in our own way and attacking it as a team.

    ’till next time!

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