Sixth Rehearsal

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hey there Colby!

Logan and I had our sixth practice yesterday which was pretty exciting and enlightening.  Now that we have the entire section of Float on video that we will be performing, we have been trying to outline the entire piece.  In this past rehearsal we chose new sections of the piece and learned them through repeated viewings and trial and error. The second half seems to have a different choreographic style which is both engaging and profound.  The new elements bring a different mood and setting to Float. I am really enjoying the prospect of discovering more about how to utilize and manipulate weight and action vs. reaction in our movements.  How can weight propel us from one move to another? How can we make every moment hold momentum, meaning, and intent?

After watching the first half of Float so many times, it existed in my mind as a whole entity with an ambiguous ending.  Now that I have experienced the second half as well, the piece holds a greater range of meaning.  The movements are intensified and more organic and the body is freer and looser.  There are clear references to childhood and the notion that time is moving too quickly.  The ending repetition of suffocation intensifies the experience and makes it incredibly real.

I have begun to really feel the piece internally as an emotional and intellectual experience.  I have probably watched the piece hundreds of times, and I have learned a significant portion of it; however, it is only now that I am really beginning to connect with the piece in a larger way. Art often has a way of sneaking up on you.  Just as my english professor, Professor Boylan, told me, sometimes the most profound pieces of literature (and art) are works that you have already read, but you can only connect with them later in life when you are ready for the message that they hold. I feel that Float holds that truth for me. Art can be something that you pass by after a first glance because is seems bizarre and like it would take to much effort to understand -but the investment is worth it!

Have a great weekend!


  1. loganellie says:

    Love it, Ellie. I completely agree with being able to see the truth behind Float–as I watch the video over and over, channel it through my own body, and simply live life, I feel a deeper connection to the intentions and significance of the piece.

    I especially like your description of how time seems to move “too quickly” at points in Float. I actually thought of this last night as I was driving to Cape Cod, where I spent last summer. Seeing the familiar sights sent me back to a time that was simultaneously so long ago and so recent. My mind spiraled around a bunch of thoughts, such as the friendships I’ve made at Colby, the direction of my career path, what the future holds relationshipwise, and many others. If I can channel these ideas into my performance of Float, I’m sure it will drive the piece in a direction that reflects the power behind life experience in dance.

    Have a great weekend!


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