First Rehearsal

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hello Colby!
To give you all an idea of what we are doing in class and through this blog, we are documenting our progress through learning an established contemporary dance duet. The piece is title “Float” and was choreographed by Julian Barnett. If you want to check it out on Youtube it is up, however it only plays half of the video, so you’ll need to come check us out to see the real thing!

Today was our first practice and we are learning the piece through simply watching the video online until we can officially skype with Julian Barnett, who is currently in the Netherlands in graduate school. What we were trying to do in these early stages is get a general outline of the dance as a whole- including placement on the stage and a general idea of the movements. We also are working on getting in touch with the mood of the piece, including the affect of the characters.

Today we focused on some of the lifts and jumps in “Float.” To our surprise, the “over the back” lift was easier than expected compared to the synchronized leaps. The lead up to the leap is complex and deals with opposing forces in the body- something we are still learning to control.

Near the end of our rehearsal, our professor, Annie Kloppenberg, showed us a shoulder body movement technique that would help loosen us up for some of the movements that require fluidity. In the process of learning the massage technique we also learned how to give up control and tension of our shoulders and allow the each other to manipulate the other’s bones and muscles.

In our next meeting we plan on running through the first half of the dance, continuing to refine our technique and begin to pay attention to the smaller movements and specificities.

Till next time! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

Logan and Ellie


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